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Secure a Reliable Residential Painter in Wellington for Your Home

While there are many painters out there, you always want to make sure you choose the right residential painter in Wellington to help you with a home makeover. We not only give you exceptional results but also assist your budget with our competitive prices. Choose Painting Solutions NZ and experience the work of a recognised 2014 Master Painter.

Benefits of Choosing Our Team for a House Painter in Wellington

It’s important that you choose a reliable interior house painter in Wellington for your renovations to avoid a wide range of problems. To help you get more value and to assist you in making more informed decisions regarding the team you choose, consider the following benefits we provide:

  • We make sure that every job has the highest quality finish available. Making sure that our customers get the quality they expect is important to us. You shouldn’t have to redo your paint job soon because of shoddy initial work, which is why we make sure we do everything right and to your satisfaction the first time.

  • We offer full quotes on our jobs so that you can make a fully informed decision regarding our prices and how they accommodate your budget. We don’t believe in unexpected costs after you’ve already paid for our services. You’ll also be happy to know that we strive to keep our prices affordable for the best customer experience possible.

  • We won the prestigious award of the Master Painter of the year in 2014, centred on the commercial new interior small to medium category. This award proves our quality of work and means that you can always rely on our team to provide satisfactory results regardless of how small or big the job.

  • We have more than two decades of experience in the painting industry, and we have a well-known reputation. If our award from 2014 is not enough evidence for you, you can rely on our extensive portfolio and history of successful jobs. Our family-owned business believes it’s important to show our customers what we can offer, not just tell them.

  • We pride ourselves on reliable customer service whenever you need assistance or have a few questions for our team. It’s important to us that our customers have access to help whenever they need to know if we can accommodate their requirements or can fit their schedule.

  • We make sure we always deliver professional service to our clients as a residential painting contractor. We understand that you have your own schedules to adhere to, whether for your job or family, and we make sure that our work is of the least inconvenience to you. If you need us to accommodate a tricky schedule, please give us a call and tell us about it so that we can work something out with you.

Signs that You Could Use Our Services for Exterior House Painting in Wellington


You might be on the fence regarding whether it’s time to give our team a call to assist you with an exterior house painter in Wellington. If you are currently uncertain if you need our help, consider the following common signs that you should consider getting our painters over to your home:

  • One of the first signs you should keep your eyes out for is damage to painted wood outside of your home. If you notice damage on wooden surfaces, our team can provide the necessary skills and high-quality paints to fix it up for you. If you have any specific requirements due to the materials you want us to paint, remember to tell us about it.

  • Another common sign that you should get your home repainted is if you notice cracking, bubbling, or peeling paint anywhere. When your paint shows signs of cracking, bubbling, or peeling, it means that the protective layer that should have helped the colour remain intact is officially gone. We can repair and repaint where necessary to remove all signs of damage entirely.

  • If you see any moisture stains or mould on your paint, you should let us know so that we can assist you with the necessary repainting to remove it. You should also remember that if the mould is particularly bad, you should remove it properly first with the correct methods instead of just painting over it. You can give our residential painters a call if you want more advice on how to go about painting over mould.

  • If the colour of your current paint seems overly faded, it is time to repaint your home. Unlike cases such as mould growth where you want to take care of it as soon as possible, faded paint merely indicates age. A good repaint will make sure you restore your home’s beauty and that you breathe some life back into its colours.

  • You want to redo the aesthetic of your home because you are tired of looking at its current colours. Other reasons to redo the aesthetic include loving the artistic process of choosing new colours or even wanting to make sure your home’s colours add to your latest built-in renovations.

  • You want to add resale value to your home. Even though there isn’t anything wrong with your current coat of paint, repainting the home just before you sell it can add a decent amount of resale value to the property. Any future owner of your house will be happy to know that you took care of the repainting before they moved in.

What You Stand to Gain When Using Our Residential Painting Company


Choosing a reliable residential painting service when you want to renovate your home helps you make sure that you not only get the best results, but also helps you save money. When you choose inexperienced painters, you risk shoddy workmanship causing damage to your property or poor results that you need to fix up again within months.


When you’re ready to give your home a beautiful new painting makeover, give us a call, and we’ll set a date and let our Wellington house painter get to work.